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We can construct your greenhouse according your whishes and support you with the:

  • Design and installation of greenhouse climate control
  • Greenhouse irrigation planning, construction
  • Planning and implementation of irrigation in the open air (mainly in fruit and vegetable crops)
  • Greenhouse drainage recycling design and construction
  • Design and construction of a suspended growing channel installation
  • Design and construction of greenhouse electrical systems
  • Design and construction of additional lighting
  • Planning and implementation of greenhouse hygiene management
  • Delivery of greenhouse machines, equipment (eg cultivators, pick-ups, sprayers, etc.) new and used
  • Design and implementation of greenhouse automatic goods handling systems
  • Design and construction of fruit / vegetable packaging systems
  • Design and implementation of work registration systems

We can fullfill all your needs and technological solutions to help your business grow better and faster by using the most modern technologies like:

  • Ethernet networks
  • Fiber optic technology
  • Wireless networks
  • Thinnet
  • Climate computers
  • Energy Saving technology like LED lighting systems
  • Recycling of water

Production line robotics like:

  • Blocking machinery,
  • Leaf cutting
  • Windows washing robot
  • Packaging lines
  • etc.
Technical Address:
HortiGreenTech Kft
VI. Külterület 53. (0164/60)
6635 Szegvár, Hungary
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